09 May, 2006

Weymouth – King George III and Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

A mistake led me to a day out in Weymouth, where the boat trains used to run in the streets and the Condor Ferry still makes its expensive way to Guernsey and Jersey. We intended to go to Swanage but ended up in Weymouth. Weymouth was made famous by King George III the first monarch to enter a bathing machine in 1789 and there is a garishly coloured statue of him by the sea. There is also a clock erected to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and the picture shows this monument. Weymouth is a dignified Georgian place with a few modern touches that do not detract. It has beautiful views of the Dorset coast and a marina.

Of course the joke goes “I went to Weymouth for my holidays”
“In Dorset?”
“Yes, I’d recommend it to anyone!” Boom boom!

jubilee clock weymouth Posted by Picasa

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