02 July, 2013

'Appy 'ampstead

Sunshine on Hampstead Heath - and a ride on a Boris Bus. After a stroll on the heath I went back into Hampstead for some refreshment and walked past Marie Stopes's former house. It looked like it was quite big for someone heavily into birth control but I suppose she had the last of the servants that birth control would eventually cause to die out. Marie Stopes is not the only famous resident and I saw a brief glimpse of somebody who looked like Dame Judi Dench (or was it Glenda Jackson) and somebody who looked like Terry Pratchett. After a look into Keats House Library, abandoned by the Borough of Camden and taken over by a committee of trustees, it was back to the heath again for a little bit of sunbathing - not too much though. I passed the former Public Baths and Wash House on the way which made me reflect that perhaps Hampstead hasn't always been the well heeled district we know today. The Heath really is a marvellous open space preserved by the London County Council.

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