17 July, 2013

Cart Marking 2013, or, After the Lord Mayor's show comes the dust cart.

The Annual cart marking ceremony is a special occasion in the City. The Lord Mayor gets to pretend to have lunch with a load of lorry drivers and lots of city gents and gentesses pretend to be lorry drivers and have lunch with the Lord Mayor. Hat tip to Ian visits for the heads up. The whole thing seemed to be presided over by Boss Hogg. The ceremony dates back- oh ever so long and involves members of the Worshipful Company of Carmen paying 25p to have the master brand some heritage vehicles with a letter authorising them to ply for business within the City boundary. Before the ceremony starts the Glover's company, motto True hearts and warm hands, presents the car people with heatproof gloves so thet their hands do not get too warm when handling a branding iron. There is a video of the ceremony on Youtube There was quite a parade of vehicles, begining with london taxis from the 1930s and today, there were also some wonderful army lorries and monster artics showing thoroughly the history of road transport. I finished my wanderings round the City by calling in to see the Goldsmith's company exhibition of jewellery, but no pictures are allowed of the Goldsmith's palatial hall.

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