21 July, 2013

Curiosity in South Norwood. A site specific installation.

The South Norwood cemetery was full of quarrels - I heard at least two pairs of people quarrelling! I wasn't there though to eavesdrop on whether X really was a nasty piece of work or not I was here for Curiosity, a series of installations in the cemetery. There are 21 installations altogether including one in a mausoleum and an extra informal one of some lads working on community payback. Some of the installations were good and some were indifferent. The Flower theatre by Jane Brockbank in the greek section of the cemetery was a pleasant little experience. Others were difficult to find - I didn't see no 10, and others were frankly bizarre in particular listening to the dead at no 16 where you put two electrodes connected to a set of headphones into the earth. THe best was the grave of Sir Henry Bessemer which had been covered to show liquid, solids and gasses. Illustrated above. All in all a rather bizarre experience on a strange day. As everyone else is going on about red posts - I will too!

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