03 August, 2012

Casa Italia - One of the London 2012 Olympic Houses

The Italian house is in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and takes up most of the space.

There are lots of things in Italian to look at including a stand for Gazetto Della Sport and Samsung.  There is also a rather good exhibition of art inspired by the olympics, including ceramics inspired by the 1960 Rome Games, Rings and Rectangles by Stefano Nicolini and Prolessi by Antonio Tamburro.  The Collezione Farnesina Design were exhibiting their innovations in heating and refrigeration - a radiator like a shower hose (nice) and a revolving ice cream display (nicer) as well as other beautifully designed items, including a table top made from road sweepings.  Would that Britain could innovate like that!

Every Italian boy likes to see his Mama now and then and the Italian team are no different.  In one part of the hall was an exhibition of pictures of Team Italia's Mamas - a lovely reminder of home.

Outside were many fiats looking stylish...

The verdict
Would I go again? You Betcha!
Five team Italia Mamas

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