04 August, 2012

The Czech House - One of the London 2012 Olympic Houses

The Czech Olympic House has this very striking sculpture outside.

And you can even buy a model of it in the Olympic shop for £99 which is quite good value I thought.  The Czech House has some good artworks in it and photographs from young Czechs.  you can also watch the games and play some xbox games, I played bowling and it was very good once you got the hang of it although not specifically Czech.  You could drink Czech beer but food was rather more English Corporate than reflecting the ethnic make up.  I did try a Bohemian wafer which was very nice but they didn't offer me any of the liqueur.  Oh dear.  There were good displays about Czech design - some lovely items and some not so good.  One of the better ones was from a propeller factory

Speaking of not so good the Czech tourist board took my photo and insisted I wear a lions head!  Hmm.  Oh well, can't win them all.

The Ipads were all in Czech so not so good there.

Will I be back?  It's a long way for not very much.
Five Press up busses

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