11 August, 2012

Lights of London - Illuminations of London's bridges and landmarks.

My first blogmeet, and what a meet.  The General Electric Co, EDF Energy and the Greater London Authority have teamed up to illuminate some the Bridge House Trust bridges and Waterloo and Milennium footbridges.  There is also a son et lumiere projected onto Parliament.  It's called Dazzle bridge

The meetup consisted of a boat trip to see these lights, although a bit past my bedtime.  Tower Bridge begins its routine at 2200 and is a beautiful light display that really shows off the building at it's very best.  The picture does not begin to capture it (and no tripod so lots of wobble).   Tower Bridge and Waterloo Bridges are the only bridges that have a routine.  The other bridges are simply lit up but they look very pretty.

Next up was London Bridge with an orange illumination.  Southwark bridge made good use of its cast iron work and was lit with a purpley light 
Waterloo Bridge had a laser light show with straight and swirly things.  Just by chance the musical accompaniment on our boat was 'Over there' (the GoCompare song) and going by the Festival site with this year's festival of the world gave a bit of 1950s atmosphere.

The grand finale was the son et lumiere projected onto the river side of the Palace of Westminster.  This celebrated the Olympics and Britain's sporting achievements in the games.  The show lasted for 15 minutes and was a great show of all the London Olympics from 1908, 1948 and 2012.

All in all a fantastic display. And a really great blogmeet.

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